Oh, hi there! Welcome to my blog, Matt’s Garbage. It will contain posts about things like technology, music, current events, past events, future events, American politics, along with some ranting, and anything else I feel like. It’s eclectic that way. Very postmodern, what I do here.

Me on a good day.

About me. Well, I have a Bachelors of Music Education from Central Michigan University, and have been a duly certified K-12 teacher in two states. My specialization was in vocal music and choral conducting. I got to teach for one year. It went less than swimmingly.

What else? Oh, I live in these Midwestern United States, with the snow and the cold and the white-tailed deer and the bears that try to eat us on the daily.

This site was created out of boredom, and an attempt to keep my SysAdmin skills sharp. I’m not a web developer, and it is very much a work in progress. I make no money from it. In fact, since I am self-hosting this site, it costs me money to keep it on the internet. Everybody needs a hobby.

Here is a picture of a gas station that I once took . I mean, I took the picture. I did not take the gas station. That would be illegal and and difficult to do logistically.